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The Limay river borns in Lake Nahuel Huapi, a large and deep glacial system, and runs towards the Atlantic Ocean with reservoirs along the course.The lake and the reservoirs hold important populations of big browns.


The potadromous browns move through the river throughout the entire fishing season.

Of course the most spectacular fish run takes place when the spawning season is about to happen, during April and May.


However, this is not a game for every angler. Like for steelhead fishing the conditions can be incredibly challenging, and sometimes the fish more-so. Because of our guides dedication to the river, we have isolated what we believe to be ideal times to fish the Upper Limay and Limay Medio, and have consequently trimmed the number of extremely tough days to a minimum.


Three days in the Upper plus three days in the Medio is a perfect combination if you are ready to take the challenge.The prize could be the fish of your life time.