rivers we fish

Río Traful

Opportunities at very big fish on an incredibly beautiful and famous river. Best fishing early and late in season.

Río Limay

Beautiful float, close to Bariloche, biggest fish caught in late March and April.

Limay Medio

BIG, BIG Fish… not easy, but rewarding like no other for large browns.

Río Collón Cura

The biggest river in our area. Float Trips with some wading, great fishing.

Río Chimehuín

Mid Size river. Famous since the early’s 1970 for being a trophy river, it offers a big variety of waters.

Río Caleufu

Float Trips camping 1-2 nights, some wade fish. Best time Nov-Early Feb.

Pichi Leufú

Small river, walk wading, medium fish, close to Bariloche.

Río Manso

Beautiful location, ok fishing, best at beginning of season, close to Bariloche.

Río Malleo

A small to mid size river. “The dry fly fishing Paradise” Only wade fishing. Predictable hatches.

Río Aluminé

River Aluminé.