río Traful

The Rio Traful is probably one of the most notable rivers of Argentina. The lake and valley which drain the Traful, are a sight within themselves. The Traful valley drains the river into the Rio Limay and its system of dams. From fabulous rock outcroppings and spires, to the site of one of the largest condor roosts in Patagonia, its magic is unmatched in this region.

The River is split between two Estancias, Arroyo Verde, and La Primavera. Although La Primavera is not available to fishermen, Arroyo Verde offers space for 10 rods through the whole season, which runs from November through April, allowing access to one side of the river for almost its entirety.

Trophies are not uncommon on the Traful, and expert nymph fishermen find it to be an angling paradise. Unlike many of the easily waded, prolific fisheries of Argentina, Arroyo Verde is tailored to the fly fisherman that predicates his trip on trophies, not numbers of fish.

Typically the fishing at Arroyo Verde is easier earlier and later in the season. When the water levels are low, and temperatures high, the river can be extremely difficult. Nobody could ever be disappointed with their stay at the Estancia, but anglers should be aware that the Traful is not to be considered a walk in the park. It is a river that holds the opportunity to catch some enormous fish, as well as some typical size trout. The river holds good numbers of Rainbows, Browns, and Landlocked Atlantic Salmon. The lodge records include a 16 lb brown, an 18 lb salmon, and a 23 lb rainbow. Any angler should expect challenging fishing, for larger trout, with the occasional hatch to bring up the fish.

This location is perfect for 2 days of fishing to begin or end any trip to Argentina. With its proximity to Bariloche, it makes for a perfect location to either start or finish, and then fly in or out of Bariloche.