río Collón cura

The best way to begin a description of the Collon Cura is that it is formed by the Malleo, Alumine, and Chimehuin Rivers. Realize that these rivers are probably three of the most fertile rivers in Argentina, with great water quality and size. As a freestone river, the Collon Cura is probably one of the most prolific fisheries in this region. It is also the type of fishing that most resembles some of the great Western Rivers.

Running through a high desert valley, with a very mild gradient, you will fish endless broad riffles, and have great float fishing opportunities every inch of the way. Like many of the rivers in Argentina, most of this river is running through just 2 estancias, which insures relative isolation, and very little pressure on the river.

Just about every form of fly fishing can be effective on the Collon Cura. Big foam with droppers in the riffles, hoppers and droppers on the banks, calm morning hatches with noses in the riffles and flats, caddis, mayflies, streamers…this river has it all. There is not really a slow time on the Collon Cura. Clients have repeatedly claimed the Collon Cura rainbows are the hardest fighting fish in all of Patagonia, and most guides agree.

The majority of trout here are rainbows but there are some big browns too, and in recent seasons, resident brown trout up to 15 pounds have been released.

The Collon Cura is a perfect 3 day trip in the middle of any itinerary to this region. With 3 solid days of unique floats, the river can be very productive, and remain interesting for this time period. This is a perfect transition for itineraries moving south or north.