Pichi Leufú

One of the best kept secrets in this part of Patagonia is the Rio Pichi Leufu. Located a 45 minute drive from Bariloche, the Pichi Leufu flows through very dry country on the edge of the plains. The fish here average 10-16 inches, but there are several spring creeks where the fish average much larger, with fish reaching as much as 7lbs. The Pichi is small enough to be easily waded, with long pools and gravel runs.

The Pichi Leufu resembles the European rivers. It is considered from small to medium-sized as compared to other rivers in the area. It is quiet and has pools and channels to explore and make short casts with dry flies to trout averaging 14 -18 inches.

Because of its proximity to Bariloche, it is another great option for someone preferring to stay in Bariloche, and do some fishing on the side.