Limay medio


Not only is the Limay one of the most plentiful and important waterways in the Patagonian region, but it also features singular characteristics for fishing in its middle stretch, which spreads along 70 kilometers. This is not to be confused with the upper Limay near Bariloche. The Limay Medio is about 4 times the size of the upper Limay, and includes the water from all of the famous rivers of Argentina…the Malleo, Collon Cura, Traful, Chimehuin, Alumine, and Caleufu.

The 4 feet for every mile slope, the generous course, and multitude of side channels, make it possible to float over several days the entire stretch of the river.

This river is the inspiration for starting Dreamcast. With its sometimes prolific hatches and spinner falls, mini steelhead-like rainbows, and incredibly large browns, we believe this is the most interesting fishery in Argentina, and Patagonia. With numerous trips yielding multiple browns over 10 lbs, and an abundance of rainbows, our finest days ever have usually been defined on this river

However, this is not a river for every angler. The conditions can be incredibly challenging, and sometimes the fish more-so. Because of our guides dedication to the river, we have isolated what we believe to be the ideal times to fish the Limay Medio, and have consequently trimmed the number of extremely tough days to a minimum.

The Limay Medio is definitely a wonderful 2 to 3 days of fishing that works well with any itinerary to the Collon Cura or Junin area. This is a river that needs to be approached from a serious anglers point of view.