fly fishing trips

Our trips are customized to cover your individual and/or group expectations. We encourage you to work out your plans with us to get the ideal waters, duration and a fully customized itinerary. We can plan overnight floating trips of up to six days long, including stays at different lodges fishing exclusive private waters.

Alternatively, we can arrange your stay in B&B with daily fishing (floating and/or wading) trips to different rivers. There are plenty of possibilities and for sure there is one that fits your expectations. Our service secures the organization and lodging previous to your arrival and free of charge.

(3 day overnight fishing trip)

Caleufu River

One of our favorite rivers for floating trips is the Caleufu. Is originated from the union of Meliquina and Filo HuaHum rivers, that flow out from lakes Meliquina and Filo Huahum, respectively.

The first day, we leave Bariloche at 8 a.m. and drive along “Paso Cordova” for around 2 hs to arrive to “Casa de Piedra” where our floating trip begins. There, we get ready the tackle and go fishing! This stretch of the river is caracterized by fast waters and big boulders. The  surrounding landscape is a transition between the Andean evergreen forest and the extra-andean steepe . We fish streamers, casting to the shore, putting the flies no more than one inch to the bank. Normally the fish strikes as soon as the fly hits the waters.

At noon we stop for lunch and after that we continue the fishing until we arrive to the camp site for relax, happy hour and dinner.

The second day we have take breakfast, normally at 8 am and short after we start the fishing. This stretch is the longest and alternates runs, riffles and pools. This busy routine starts again every morning.

The third and last day after breakfast, we fish all day and at 6 pm we leave the river and head to a new destination.