estancia Quemquemtreu

Estancia Quemquemtreu Lodge
Located about 1 hour “plus” from Chapelco airport, Quemquemtreu ranch is a huge ranch of 160,000 acre offering the chance to experience a different fly fishing trip, lodging in the main house of a traditional cattle and polo horses breeding ranch. An excellent “all inclusive” service with great home made dishes and nice wines, and a very warm and relaxed ambience.

The main house offers 5 double bedrooms each one with private bathroom, a nice dining room and a living room with a wide fireplace. 2 other rooms can be also used in an adjacent house.

A side barn has been turned into a great Bar where snacks and drinks are served every night after fishing. There is also a pool table for those who like to try their skills.

Huge poplars, willows and pine trees provide cover for all the ranch structure formed by barns, corrals, polo courses, secondary houses that surround the Lodge. About 25 miles of the Collon Cura River runs through Quemquentreu’s property. In addition, it provides access to more than 5 miles of the Caleufu river plus the full extention of the Quemquemtreu River which gives the name to this estancia.

Quemquemtreu also has its own small river flowing through the ranch, the Quemquemtreu, which fishes best December through late January. If your trip to Patagonia occurs at a time when this river is productive, you’ll enjoy a half or full day stalking trout in the intimate confines of this delightful private stream.