estancia Collón Cura

The Estancia Collon Cura Lodge is situated right on the banks of the Collon Cura river. Its proximity to the river eliminates the need for long drives over gravel roads to get to the river. All of the access points to the river are no further than 15 miles on a paved road.

In the scheme of established lodges in Argentina, Estancia Collon Cura is extremely modest, with a great attention to detail. All of your needs will be attended to, but without the over-the-top frills. The lodge can hold up to eight guests, in four spaciously appointed rooms. Breakfast and supper are served in the dining room, while normally lunch is a prepared picnic that accompanies you to the river.

The lodge is not available to anglers for the month of March, due to the increased amount of red stag hunters. However, the rest of the season it is completely dedicated to anglers.

We believe that this lodge is a great base for Limay Medio trips, for those who do not want to camp on the river, and of course for great access to the Collon Cura River. It is a perfect halfway point between Bariloche and Junin de los Andes, and therefore is a good middle of the itinerary location.