estancia Arroyo Verde

Estancia Arroyo Verde is not just a lodge, but also a traditional Argentine ranch belonging to Maurice and Meme La Riviere. Former guests include Dwight Eisenhower, Joe Brooks, Ernest Schweibert, Mel Krieger, and other Argentine angling pioneers. The lodge/home is charming and deluxe, surrounded by vegetable and flower gardens, stables, and ponds. The Estancia borders twelve miles of the magnificent Traful River (read Schweibert’s “Remembrances of Rivers Past” the chapter called (River of Spirits).

A recent Forbes Magazine article described Arroyo Verde “the best fishing lodge in the world! Period.” But as fine as the accommodations are, this is an experience that centers around, and focuses on the tremendous trout fishing in the clear, deep runs of what most experienced flyfishermen agree is one of the finest rivers on Earth.

The spacious main house overlooking the Traful valley has 4 twin bedrooms with private bathrooms, a large comfortable suite with private bathroom in an adjacent building, sleeps 2 and a log cabin, perched on a rocky outcrop facing the lake, sleeps 2/4. The electricity supply is 220V and there is WiFi in certain areas of the lodge, but no public computer.

Meals are served late in the evening at Arroyo Verde, in the Argentine summer fashion and well after the fishing day is done. Dinner is accompanied by fine wines, delicious desserts, and a sense of genuine hospitality that leaves most guests planning their return before their departure. Each visit is highlighted by a lakeside asado (traditional Argentine barbecue) on the last afternoon of the visit. Non-anglers often enjoy morning rides on the ranch with hostess Meme la Riviere.
The Estancia accommodates only 10 guests, and does it in style. Rooms are well appointed, and usually have private baths.